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What Is the Dreamstorm?

The Dreamstorm is a level 65 world event that takes place in Northern Arun. Archdevans and their demokron forces are attempting to destroy reality-stabilizing Oneiric Generators deployed by the barakas of Highwatch, and only the best of the best can thwart their evil schemes.

Who Can Participate?

Only level 65 players can participate in Dreamstorm events. The first 30 such players to arrive at one of the seven Dreamstorm sites and accept the quest “Operation: Overwatch” from one of the baraka NPCs can join the defense effort. While only 30 players per site can get the quest and receive rewards, all nearby players can assist. The world map (M) indicates how many players are at each location, and how much time remains until Operation: Overwatch begins. Select a Dreamstorm location and left-click the icon, and you’ll be teleported there. (Note: You will need to leave battlegrounds, instances, or alliance territory to use this functionality.)

How Does It Work?

A system message announces the event, after which Dreamstorm locations appear on the world map (M). Interested players have ten minutes to reach one of the seven sites and get the quest. Once the event begins, players can no longer accept the Operation: Overwatch quest, and leaving the immediate area of the Dreamstorm removes the quest from their logs.

Participants must defend the central generator and its four focusing arrays from attacking waves for ten minutes. At the end of that time, all players who killed at least five enemies (as determined by who struck the fatal blow) receive rewards. The more health the generators have at the end of the event, the better the rewards participants receive. And no matter what the outcome, players participating in Operation: Overwatch receive an individual gold award based on the number of enemies they kill.

Players with the Operation: Overwatch quest also receive a special buff (Oriyn’s Resurgence) during the event that immediately resurrects them in place should they fall. To help avoid this, defeated monsters in the Dreamstorm drop healing motes and Oneiric Motes.

Oneiric Motes wrap a player in an Umbral Cloak, a smoky black skin that recovers HP, grants immunity to knockdown and stagger, and temporarily replaces all skills with:

  1. Repel: Push enemies away.
  2. Inexorable Pull: Pull enemies toward you.
  3. Rising Wind: Fling enemies into the air.
  4. Oneiric Lance: Deal continuous damage to enemies in a line.
  5. Dream Bolt: Blast a distant enemy.

Both the umbral cloak and special skills can be dropped simply by jumping. But that’s the good news. The bad news is that the archdevans have designed a few new surprises into their latest batch of demokrons. Look out for the following effects while you’re fighting, or you may need Oriyn’s help after all.

  • Umbral Torpor: Decreases your Movement Speed.
  • Umbral Panic: Causes you to flee in terror.
  • Umbral Lockdown: Freezes all your skills (unless you are already under the influence of an Umbral Cloak).
  • Umbral Chaos: Scrambles your movement keys.
  • Umbral Venom: Damages you over time and decreases your Movement Speed.

These skills can turn any character into an offensive powerhouse for a limited time, and are available to all classes.

Why Is This Happening?

When federation engineers brought down the Storm Barrier surrounding Northern Arun, it was a major blow to the archdevan forces besieging Highwatch. Since then, the archdevans have attempted to rebuild the barrier by tampering with the fabric of the Dream. Their efforts cause local distortions in the Dream, which left unchecked could spill over to rest of the world.

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