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Killer Guides – Archer Guide Review

December 6, 2012 // by Wakefield


TERA instagram ARCHER

There are many guides out there claiming to help you up your game and all that jazz. In my early MMO days, I believed them. I bought a guide and expected to fly through levels but the end result was always the same; I made very little extra money, my gear still sucked, and PvP proved to be an issue for me as I continued dying in PvP by the hands of other players. And dying I did a whole lot. That’s not how I wanted to game! So, in annoyance, my friend recommended at website called Killer Guides, an online shop selling MMORPG game guides which he had been using since Aion first came out. From what I understand, the website has an All Access Pass which is a one-time, literal all access pass you can use to download all their guides. I didn’t buy the All Access Pass which was priced at $129.99 but instead, I bought their TERA Archer walkthrough at $29.99 USD.

Opening the file, it was presented in a PDF format containing over 80 pages of content. I took a look at their table of contents and immediately headed over to the leveling section.  Since I had issues leveling, I devoured the section. One of the things the guide focused heavily on was the detailed step-by-step advancement process. The entire section was divided according to level ranges: 1-10, 11-20 and so forth plus, an overview of important quests to advance the storyline. What I thought provided the most value were monster specific tactics as well as the meticulous instructions on where to level exactly at which point.

The next section which piqued my interest was the Glyph section. At the beginning of the game, I knew about the Glyphs but wasn’t quite sure if I had everything right about them. There was a section, a table, displaying the types of glyphs recommended for boss battles. I found these to be highly useful! The guide went into deeper detail about Glyph customization and abilities. It was like night and day when compared to what I had learned already through trial and error.

There’s more detail I can go into the guide but I think it’s better for gamers to experience the guide first hand. The guide will help you through the game. You can think about it this way: the guide grants you safe passage through TERA helping you at every turn. If by chance you are stuck on leveling as I was, the guide will help you advance to the next level. Since I originally bought the guide I already received the first free update as promised on the website. I can’t vouch for their other games and guides, but I’m a darn satisfied customer when it comes to their archer guide.

Server Merge in TERA Becomes Mega Server in ESO

October 4, 2012 // by Wakefield

The Elder Scrolls Online has an amazing feature come up with the most advanced technology to group up millions of players to join the game together in only  a single server. This feature is called “Mega Server”

I strongly believe that ESO game developers were inspired from the severe problem that most MMORPGs encounter, the drop in number of people who play the game after its initial release. After the first 2-3 months of the game release, more than 20% players quit the game due to several reasons. Many servers created to support millions of gamers at highest peak becomes a ghost town slowly. This was exact the same thing happened to Tera Online until game developers decided to merge servers down into 3. To prevent problem at the first place, ESO game developers came up with an idea to create the server that every people can join the game without having connection problems.

Although it looks very easy to create something called “Mega Server”, it does not easy as it sound. Mega server require the very advanced technology to create the gigantic server that can support millions of players playing the game at the very same time. It would be the dream server if the mega server can work efficiently as it is claimed. We have to wait and see it our selves.

Tera Archer Guide To Skills and Abilities Walkthrough

April 2, 2012 // by Wakefield

Tera big ass monster crab

Please note that this is a beginner guide to TERA Archer guide to skills and abilities. More advanced content such as gaming strategies, leveling techniques and skills build could be found at TERA Archer Advanced Manual.

Archers can easily damage BAMs from a distance, without having to worry about much incoming damage. One important thing you always have to keep in mind is that you’re going to do less damage if your targets are farther away. The damage is noticeable, but it’s not a good idea to run up to the mob’s face in order to increase damage all the time. Using your range is very situational, especially on BAMs.

Always take into account what Tera BAMs is capable of. Most of them have gigantic hitboxes, so you don’t actually need to be very close to them or you will get yourself killed.

The first starting ability you’ll get as an archer is simply called “arrow.” This is your basic attack, and like most classes, this attack is primarily used to restore mana. It does less damage than any of your abilities will do. One thing to note about this ability is that you can easily hold it down, as well as your hold down your F key, and you’ll be able to kite mobs infinitely without getting hit. This doesn’t work on BAMs, but this is one of the reasons why archers are ranked one of the easiest classes to play and are great for beginners.

tera archer arrow skills

The second ability an archer will start called “backstep,” and like other ranged classes, this ability makes you jump backwards. It isn’t worth going into detail much, just use this as a small escape, or you can use it as a movement boost. You’ll get a better escape ablility later on.

Tera Archer Skill Backstep

The first ability you’ll learn at Level 2 is a skill called “Arrow Volley“. This is a lock on skill that lock on up to five targets, and is one of only five AoE damage skills you will get as an archer. This ability is neat in certain situations, as you can do AoE on targets that aren’t cooped up, and you can move while locking on, but it is very situational. However, you’ll find yourself almost never using this ability, as it is very weak compared to other classes’ AoE skills. It’s important to note that archer’s DPS is focused more around a single target. Your AoE doesn’t compare to classes like sorcerers, berserkers, or slayers. If you like AoE grinding, archer isn’t the best class to pick, but if you like kiting and soloing while doing massive single target damage, they’re a good choice.

tera archer skills rain of arrow

The next ability you’ll get is called “Penetrating Arrow I“, and like most classes, you get your most important skills early on. This skill is actually inspired from popular hero from the World of Warcraft, Sylvanas. It is also ported to upcoming MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm. Sylvans guide can be seen in http://www.heroesofthestormbuildguide.com/guide/. This is another AoE damage skill that will be one of your primary damage skills all throughout leveling, and at max level. Like the previous skill, it has a hit cap, though it’s a bit higher at 10 targets. It still isn’t comparable to other classes’ AoE, but it will be your main source of AoE damage. It’s also trickier to use, as you have to position yourself to line up your targets in order to get maximum damage. It’s also a charge skill, but you can move while charging, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this and line up your targets as best you can while you’re charging. Note that, like most charge skills, this has an overcharge. Overcharge is when you fully charge your ability and take damage because of it. The damage is minor, but the longer you hold an overcharge, the more damage you will take, so once charged, try to fire as soon as possible.

Tera Archer skills penetrating arrow

Next up is a skill called “slow trap“. First thing to note is that you will get three different traps as an archer, and they share a cooldown, using one will put the others on five second cooldowns. You could potentially put down all three at once, but by the time you drop the third, the first will expire, and these traps have very situational uses anyway. You may be tempted in PvP to drop the trap and sit on it, but players are usually smart enough not to run into it. In PvE, it’s easy to maximize on its movement slowing effect, because mobs aren’t smart enough to run around it, but in PvP, the best way to use this is to drop it down when a player is on top of you, after stunning them, and then jumping back.

tera archer skill slow trap

The fifth ability is called “close quarters“. This is similar to a lancer’s shield barrage. Though, you’ll find yourself using it a lot in PvP, you won’t use this skill much against BAMs, only when soloing. This skill allows you to attack twice and stun your foe, giving you time to get away. It’s a good idea to combo this ability with your slow trap, so that you can stun your opponent, then slow them, then use your jump back ability. This makes for a great escape, and makes it very hard for your enemies to re-engage you.

Tera archer skill close quarters

Breakaway bolt is next ability. It’s your true escape ability, ad also one of your AoE abilities. This is like jump back, but it also does damage, it makes you move back further. First thing to know is that breakaway bolt and jump back do not share cooldowns. You can use one after the other to get a ton of distance from an opponent. Of cause this skills have great advantage while fighting with melee range like TERA Berserker and TERA Slayer. However, the ability doesn’t necessary while against ranged attack class like TERA Sorcerer and TERA Mystic. Because of the trick with arrow, while soloing you won’t need to use these abilities. They’re great for PvP, though, ortera archer skill break away bolt if you get caught out of position by a BAM.

Next up is an ability called “rapid fire“. It makes you fire seven bullets very quickly. Note that the final shot does more damage than all of the previous shots. Good point about this ability is that it’s an enhancement on your basic attack ability. It doesn’t cost mana, and instead restores mana, thus you should start using it over your basic attack when you need mana. You can glyph this ability to restore more mana as well.

Radiant arrow” is your core ability for single targets. It’s a charge skill, like penetrating arrow, but it is designed to hit only one target. Like penetrating arrow, you can move while charging it, and you take damage if you overcharge it. Some things to note about this skill when comparing it to penetrating arrow is that they both have glyphs that take away your slow while charging, but penetrating arrow can be glyphed to get increased damage, allowing it to closely match the damage of radiant arrow. In most cases, though, you won’t be using one or the other, you’ll be using them one after the other, at least in BAM DPS situations.

Tera Archer Guide To Skills and Abilities Walkthrough Part II

April 2, 2012 // by Wakefield

Please note that this is a beginner guide to TERA Archer guide to skills and abilities. More advanced content such as gaming strategies, leveling techniques and skills build could be found at TERA Archer skills reference.

The next skill you’ll learn is called “poison arrow“. Tera archer skill poison arrowThis is another core damage ability that does damage when shoot it, and puts damage over time on the opponent. The cooldown on this ability is five seconds, and the debuff lasts 12 seconds. Thus, there’s no reason you should ever let this debuff drop off of an enemy. This ability stacks up to three times and starts doing significant amounts of damage. You want to make sure to keep the stack to full on anything that has a significant amount of health. The glyphs on this ability are worth talking about, because one of them reduces the charging time on the previous ability, radiant arrow, and the other increases the duration of this debuff. I recommend getting both of these glyphs for PvE, so that you don’t have to restack the poison arrow too often, and so you can chain it into radiant arrow and make radiant arrow charge very fast.

The 10th skill you’ll learn is called “final salvo“, This is a chain version of rapid fire that chains nicely into both penetrating arrow and radiant arrow, but if you are using both of these skills, one after the other, salvo won’t be able to chain after both of them, because of its cooldown. The biggest thing about this ability is that, though it hits for less than rapid fire, it also restores mana, and fits nicely into your chain combo so that you don’t go out of mana.

Tera archer skill final salvo

Next up is your second trap called “concussion trap“. Like I mentTera archer skill concussion trapioned before with slow trap, this puts a cooldown on your other traps, and it is very situational. What it does is it stuns an enemy that walks through it. It’s good to use in PvP and PvE, and will replace your slow trap in most cases, as you get attacks that will do slowing for you later on. This stun does miss and gets resisted often, though.

Your third and final trap is called “incendiary trap“. Unlike the others, this is a damage trap, and is the fourth out of your five AoE damage abilities as an archer. This one is situational like the others, as it requires you to run up to groups of mobs to drop it, in order for it to do damage. The best way to use this ability is in combination with the AoE from your breakaway shot. You can run in, drop this trap on a group of mobs, then hit breakaway shot to land both of these AoE abilities and follow up with a penetrating shot.

Tera archer skill incendiary trap

velik’s mark” is the last core spell you will get. It increases the damage the monster takes from all of your attacks by 10% and lasts 30 seconds. You should always use this skills before a fight and recast it. It can also be glyphed to make poison arrow cost less mana and shoot faster after it is cast, which is why it opens nicely into your typical damage rotation.

Tera archer skills veliks mark

Next up is a skill called “feign death“, which is essentially an agro drop. This ability can be used in PvP, but if you use it poorly, you’ll just look like a moron. It has a long cooldown, so be careful when deciding to drop agro. I’ll take this time now to explain that, in dungeons, some bosses may summon mobs that will run around and start attacking the healer. Unlike other MMOs, where you yell at the tank for this, as a DPS in TERA you simply can’t ignore mobs during boss fights. Your TERA Lancer guide will be too busy taking the boss and keeping it in position that, in most cases, he won’t be able to grab that mob. As a ranged DPS with high kiting capabilities, you should instinctively go for these mobs and pull them off of your healer, kiting them and killing them by yourself or with the help of the other damage dealers. If a mob is running loose and you simply rage at your lancer, you are the one at fault, not the lancer.

Tera archer skills Feign Death

Your 15th skill is called “web arrow“, and it’s essentially a slow. It only slows 20%, which may not seem like a lot compared to slow trap or another ability coming up, but it lasts five seconds and it has a five second cooldown, meaning it can have 100% uptime. This is huge in duels and in most PvP situations, as using this will mean you are always faster than the person chasing you, thus, they can only catch you using gap closers, to which you can respond with your own gap opening capabilities. Not only creating gap from you and your opponent, this skills help you killing spell caster class like TERA Priest or TERA Mystic. When the opponents get slower, it is easier for you to avalanche massive damage dealing skills without missing your targets.

Web Arrow -tangles your enemies causing major reduction in movement speed

The next two abilities go hand-in-hand. The first is called “sniper’s eye courage“. This gives you strength bonus, and it makes you do extra damage to players, with an upkeep mana cost. The downside is that it will decrease your attack speed by 15%. This is the one you will most likely be using in PvP. The other sniper’s eye is called “discretion.” It’s exactly the same as courage, only that instead of decreasing your attack speed, it will decrease your movement speed. This is the one you’ll want to be using in standstill PvE fights. You’ll probably be wondering right now, “But Hacker, it says it increases damage against players. Why would I use it in PvE?” To that, I’ll just point out the 50 strength it gives while it’s active. The mana and movement speed is a small price to pay if you’re standing still. 50 strength adds quite a bit of damage to all of your attacks. Either way, these two abilities are situational, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should be using them, and when.

Sniper’s Eye: Courage – reduces enemy attack speed by 30% and power increased by 50. Skills used at the same time of the attack is increased by 25%. MP consumed is 10 per second

Your second to last spell is a super slow called “restraining arrow“. This debuff works on bosses to an extent. It has a 15 second cooldown but lasts as long as your web arrow slow, five seconds. It slows more and hits harder than web arrow, as well as having an attack speed reduction component, so you’ll be using this over web arrow when you can. Note that, like all forms of CC in this game, it has a chance to miss and be resisted, so web arrow is still a good backup in cases of this spell not working.

Last, but not least, is a spell called “rain of arrows“. It’s only at max level do archers finally get a real, unrestricted AoE spell. This lets you compete with other classes in high-end dungeons for AoE damage, but while casting this, you will be immobile. You don’t do as much AoE damage as TERA Sorcerer, but this at least puts you on the board. Familiarize yourself with the distance at which this skill casts so that you don’t miss, because once you cast it, you are committed to it for a few seconds. This is a great spell to contribute to AoE damage on large polls. It has a fairly long cooldown, though, so you can’t spam it, and it isn’t forgiving if you miss where you cast it.

Tera Archer Skill rain of arrow

Tera Archer Glyph Guide and Skills Rotation

March 31, 2012 // by Wakefield

After I’ve explained all of TERA Archer abilities, let me show an archer’s role, as well as your typical DPS rotation. First, do not get in the habit of sticking to a single rotation, no matter what. Especially not in PvP. This game isn’t like other MMOs, you have to move and adapt to what is happening constantly. If aggros are spawning, or if a BAM is on you, or if, in PvP, you’re getting chained by TERA Warrior guide, you have to adjust what you’re doing to deal with it. However, it is still a good idea to have a framework set in your head about what will make you do maximum damage.

If you’ve read the archer glyphs at all, they tell a story on your own, but in case you can’t pick up on it, I’ll explain it now. First, you want to open with a Velik’s Mark. This ability can be glyphed to reduce the mana cost and cast time for poison arrow, so after you cast Velik’s Mark, you start off with poison arrow. You want to stack this poison arrow to three as quickly as possible, so that it is ticking for a lot of damage every two seconds. After you cast poison arrow, there’s a glyph for poison arrow that reduces the charge time of radiant arrow significantly, so cast radiant arrow next. This will make radiant arrow charge extremely fast, and it will chain into your salvo skill. Use salvo after radian arrow for two reasons: One, it will restore some much needed mana without breaking your chain, and two, salvo can be glyphed to reduce the charging time of penetrating arrow.

Thus, once you’ve finished casting salvo, you can quickly charge penetrating arrow and shooting it, giving you a nice combo of two powerful hits, a re-stack on your poison, and some mana regen. Typically, you just repeat this rotation as much as possible, re-stacking Velik’s Mark when needed. Poison arrow into radiant arrow into salvo into penetrating arrow, then repeat. In cases where you do go out of mana, just break the rotation and use rapid fire.

That’s all for archer abilities and glyphs. I hope you found this information useful. A lot of you are still deciding what you want to play when TERA comes out in North America. Tera archers may be weak in AoE, but their single target damage and ability to solo BAMs without taking any damage makes them a very good choice. However, if you would like to be AOE massive killer, find some TERA Sorcerer Guide and play the sorcerer instead.

If you would like to learn more further details about TERA Archer, please visit TERA Archer Leveling walkthrough.

TERA Archer Glyphs

Glyph of Accuracy – Focused Shot (3 glyph points)

Glyph of Courage – Penetrating Shot (5 glyph points)

Glyph of Time – Trap Cobweb (4 glyph points)

Glyph of Effort – Normal Shot (5 glyph points)

tera-archer-glyph-of-concentration Glyph of Concentration – Evasion Shot (4 glyph points)

TERA Archer

March 20, 2012 // by Wakefield

Please remember that this article is a basic information about TERA Archer. More information about this class can be found that TERA Archer leveling tips.

TERA Archer is perfect match for those who love to attack from distance. However, most archers in MMORPG will be very vulnerable when fighting enemies at close range, but TERA archer has skills to leap out of harm and attack the enemies at the same time. Check this video gameplay to see how TERA Archer will be at the beginning. If you love to attack from far range and dodge the attack with mobility. TERA Archer is your choice!

TERA Archer Overview

March 20, 2012 // by Wakefield

Keep in mind that this is a beginner’s guide to TERA Archer. More advanced details such as leveling strategies, gaming tactics and skills techniques could be seen at best TERA Archer leveling strategies.

Just like EverQuest or World of Warcraft, TERA Online is in the same mold. It is a new and exciting multiplayer online game. Each player chooses a character type who will navigate the huge virtual world within the game. Every character type has its own skills, strengths, and attributes. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish inside the game, there is a good chance that the Tera archer have the essential skills for you to win your campaign. When choosing a tera character, take into account the best attributes outlined in the guide to TERA.

A class created around the use of the game’s tools, TERA archers makes use of some items that shoot and explode to hurt or trap enemies. TERA is then rewarded with better tools and enhanced skills by using trickery and cunning within the game.

With its ability to deal major damage from a distance, TERA archer class is perfect for a winning campaign. Even in an entry level power, the archer’s arrows can easily pierce an enemy. Its specialty arrows combined with magic allow the TERA archer to trap the enemies and explore inaccessible areas within the game.

The TERA archer guide also provides necessary highlights regarding the speed of which an archer class can work with. The speed does not compromise the precision; it instead helps in rapidly firing volleys of arrows, creating chaos in the battlefield. As the archer increases in power and levels within the game, he/she becomes more accurate with each shot. Before long, even a steady hit of arrow can reach a target with pinpoint accuracy and the most damage inflicted in every shot. Brace yourself with a character from an archer class and gain the advantage in the Tera world.

Though the TERA archer guide cannot cover all the reasons why this class emerges victorious within the game, but it highlights the character’s best attributes such as balanced and well-designed, as well as being deep-skilled. Speed, precision, and power make an archer a lethal threat in the virtual world of TERA. Make it your choice and win any foe that you will encounter no matter if they are a moving tank like the TERA Lancer, or a dancing sword like the TERA Slayer.

TERA Archer Guide

March 19, 2012 // by Wakefield

TERA Archer
TERA Archer is a class for the TERA Online massively multi-player online game or MMO which has been developed Bluehole Studio and is published by En Masse Entertainment. A unique type of combat will be seen when playing this game. Visual cues are used that allow players to make attacks. Users that are using a TERA Archer Guide will benefit from learning skills and basic attacks.

Basics of Archer

The use of the TERA Archer is to damage enemies. Arrows that are used by the Archer class penetrate the armor that is worn by enemies. Properties of the arrows will trap enemies to prevent them from running and use fiery energy to consume foes. Accuracy is the key with the Archer class as they will fire off one arrow after another to take down enemy ranks. However, the Archer is used for offense and will not use heavy armor like TERA Berserker as they need to be mobile and agile. Review a Tera Archer Guide for more information.

Style of Play

Tools that are used by this TERA class include arrows with various properties. Arrows can be used that create a web to trap enemies, create radiant energy, penetrate armor and even explode. Rewarding of the tactics used for counter attacking and outmaneuvering the enemy are rewarded by using this class. Firing off arrows at long distances with a large bow is part of the precision and accuracy offered by the Archer class. The damage sustained by an enemy is attained by avoiding close encounters.

Armor and Weapons

Armor worn by the TERA Archer is light to allow for agility and mobility. As a result, they sacrifice their defensive capabilities and can sustain serious damage when attached. This necessitates the need to keep your distance from enemies when using the Archer. The main weapon that is employed by the Archer is bow that is used to fire off magic-enabled arrows and super speeds. Familiarity with the armor and bow that is used by this class can be achieved by reviewing a TERA Archer Guide.

If you want to learn more about TERA Archer, other game information could also be found within this Tera Archer strategy ebook.


TERA Archer Gameplay

February 22, 2012 // by Wakefield

The below video is an introduction to TERA Archer. If you would like to take a look more at this class, visit top strategies for the Tera Archer.

Although most of you’ve seen this magnificent piece of work, surely there are others who haven’t see this! This is amazing stuff! Will you be a TERA Archer once the game releases? TERA Archers are for people who prefer long distance attacks while avoiding being plummeted to death by enemies. Shooting at a distance always has it perks but in the same time, it may not be the best battle strategy to have.

Check out the video!

TERA Archer’s Skills and Abilities

February 20, 2012 // by Wakefield

Here’s an article to get you started on TERA Archer skills and abilities. For advanced details about the class, the TERA Archer Complete Strategies Overview over at KillerGuides.com is recommended.

The TERA Archer is a character class that’s meant expressly for harrowing the enemy from a distance. While this TERA guide will tell you that these characters are meant for long distance combat and for striking repeated blows from far away, it takes some time spent with the skill and abilities of the TERA Archer class before you can really get a feel for the best way to create one of these deadly bowmen.

First of all, look at the skill list provided to the TERA Archer. The character has two major skill types; ranged attack skills, and trap skills. These two skill types complement each other. The traps, poison, stunning and movement hampering, are meant to slow down enemies that chase you and try to close. The TERA Archer class skills for the bow, multi-shot, speed shot and archer’s sign, are all focused on making your attacks more numerous, faster and more accurate respectively. So step one of the TERA Archer guide is to combine these skills on the battlefield so that you can deal the most damage in a given situation. For instance, speed shot and multi-shot work best with bigger groups, whereas the archer’s sign is for a single enemy. Combine the traps with either situation, and you’ve created a shooting gallery.

Once you’ve created an effective offense with your TERA Archer, you need to create an effective defense as well. Unlike other character classes in the game, the TERA Archer class doesn’t have access to heavy armor and shields that will protect bulkier fighters. So the first thing any Tera Archer leveling guide will tell you is to stay mobile, learn how to shoot on the run, and when you get the ability to Backstep, use it as often as you need to dodge attacks and get away from encroaching enemies. Use magical items and armor to increase your defense and mobility, and use distance to keep yourself safe from the enemy. Team up with TERA Mystic for unlimited mana, health, and another supporting skills.

Lastly, the best way to play an Archer is to be sneaky whenever you can. For instance, if you know there’s a big group of enemies, set a trap using staggered rows of all your traps. Then lead the group into the killing field, firing your bow as they stumble and fall through ranks of poison, stunning and slowing traps. One archer can take out huge numbers of enemies if they just can’t close.

Aim for Victory with TERA’s Archer

February 20, 2012 // by Wakefield

Here’s a TERA Archer review. More detailed information could be read at KillerGuides.com, from their TERA Archer strategy compilation.

TERA Online is an exciting new multiplayer online game in the same mold as EverQuest and World of Warcraft. Within the game each player must select a character type to navigate the massive virtual world. Each character has its own attributes, skills and strengths. Depending on what you want to accomplish within the game, there is a good bet the TERA archer possesses the necessary skills to make your campaign a winning one. A TERA archer guide can help outline the best attributes to take into account when choosing it as your character.

The ranged TERA class is built around the use of tools within the game. The archer can make use of items that explode and shoot to hurt enemies or ones that trap enemies to make better use of their own items. By using cunning and trickery in the game the archer will reward you with enhanced skills and better tools for the job.

A TERA archer class is perfect for a victorious campaign because of their ability to deal significant damage from a distance. Even at standard, entry-level power the archer’s arrows can pierce enemy armor with ease. Specialty arrows will combine magic with each shot allowing the TERA archer to trap enemies or items or explore new areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. Any TERA archer guide will also highlight the speed with which the TERA archer class can work. They can fire rapid volleys of arrows and create chaos on the battlefield. Another benefit is that speed doesn’t not mean a sacrifice in precision. As the archer gains levels and power within the TERA world they become more accurate with each shot. Soon enough even a steady volley of arrows will reach their target with pinpoint accuracy, inflicting the most damage possible on every shot. Arm yourself with an archer class of character and you’ll immediately gain an advantage over much of the TERA world.

A TERA online guide cannot cover every reason why the class is so good for emerging victorious. It can only highlight the best attributes of a character class that is well-designed and balanced, deep and skilled. Power, speed and precision make the archer a deadly threat in the TERA world. Choose it and aim for victory over any foe you encounter.

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