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Finding Rings and Earrings with Crystal Slots

To take advantage of these amazing crystals, of course, the first thing to do is find accessories that will accept crystals. The list below shows rings and earrings with accessory crystal slots that you can buy with reputation credits or earn by battling high-level bosses.

Earrings Item Level How to Get It
Caged Raindrop 141 drop from Kaprima in her fane, Auricadis in Balder’s Temple, Thulsa in Ebon Tower (hard), Killian in Labyrinth of Terror (hard)
Caged Wind 147 drop from monsters in Fane of Kaprima (hard), Balder’s Temple (hard), and Kelsaik’s Nest (hard)
Caged Curiosity purchase with Invalesco credits (revered reputation or higher)
Hex Cry drop from Meldita, the last boss in Argon Corpus
Dangling Fork 151 drop from Meldita, the last boss in Argon Corpus (hard)
Wind’s Whisper 153
Queen’s Call drop from Shandra Manaya, the last boss in Manaya’s Core

Grooved Setting 133
Kryheart Setting 139
Valsekyr Setting purchase with Valsekyr Hunt credits (revered or higher)
Shariar Setting purchase with Shariar credits (revered or higher)
Hyderad Setting TERA Green Crystalspurchase with Hyderad Legacy credits (revered or higher)
Sunder Ring drop from Meldita, the last boss in Argon Corpus (normal)
Sprocket Ring 143
Conquer Ring 145 purchase with Bellicarium credits
Queen’s Signet

Finding Accessory Crystals

Accessory crystals rarely drop from mobs, though you can harvest most kinds by hunting BAMs of level 60 or higher (note that succoring and threatening zyrks do not drop from BAMs). The primary method of obtaining crystals is buying them from reputation vendors. The table below can serve as your shopping list. And remember, you can also buy accessory crystals from other players. Check the Trade Broker for bargains!

Normal Green Crystals

Faction Item name Effect of crystal Credits needed to purchase
Swift Zyrk Attack speed increases by 0.5%. 75
Grounding Zyrk Endurance increases by 1.
Cunning Zyrk Maximum MP increases by 110.
Threatening Zyrk Monster aggro increases by 2%.
Impacting Zyrk Impact increases by 1.
Carving Zyrk Crit rate increases by 1.
Succoring Zyrk Healing increases by 1%.
Powerful Zyrk Power increases by 1.
Unyielding Zyrk Crit resist increases by 3.
Balancing Zyrk Balance increases by 2. 225
Relentless Zyrk Maximum HP increases by 1, 246.
Griefing Zyrk PvP attack increases by 2. 700
Indomitable Zyrk PvP defense increases by 3.

What Type of Crystal Do I Want?

If you’re a lancer, you’ll draw even more aggro by combining the Valsekyr setting with the threatening zyrk. Both items increase your aggro, by 1.5 percent and 2 percent respectively. A warrior, on the other hand, starts with less armor in the first place and might profit more by fitting the relentless zyrk into the Valsekyr setting—you’ll still get that 1.5% aggro increase, but you’ll also get 1, 246 more HP!

Healers definitely want to hunt down the Hyderad setting, which increases healing by 5 percent, then fit that with the succoring zyrk, which increases healing by 1 percent. Or maybe you feel like you run out of MP before you’d like or find you die too quickly. In that case, the cunning zyrk for more MP or the the relentless zyrk for more HP will be the right match for you.

Ranged DPS will probably also want that extra MP the cunning zyrk has to offer, and they can easily fit that crystal into the conquer ring, which offers an attack modifier of 370 and an impact modifier of 823.

Melee will want to hunt down that conquer ring as well, though they’ll probably want to fit it with the carving zyrk, which offers an increased crit rate.

When it comes to PvP, though, if you like to be right up in the action, you’ll definitely want the griefing zyrk—it improves your attack specifically for PvP and gives you the edge over your opponents. If you’re more a stand-in-the-back-and-throw-things type, though, you’ll probably be better off with the indomitable zyrk for that PvP defense bonus. Stay alive longer to do more damage! Or maybe you’d like more defense on the front line and an opportunity for more firepower from the back—just switch those zyrks to customize to your play style.

For even more intense numbers, find the pristine version of any of the above crystals. Check out these increased stats!

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