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Gathering is essential to crafting, as a lot of materials you’ll need for crafting are found in gathering.

How Do I Gather?

Gathering is as simple as walking up to a gatherable object and pressing “F, ” and the items you can gather are all shown on your in-game radar. Your gathering proficiency is important, as some items have a minimum proficiency—plus, the higher your proficiency, the better chance you’ll have succeeding in gathering. Your gathering level increases whether you succeed or fail, but successes level you faster.

What Do I Get from Gathering?

Three of the primary crafting resources are obtained from gathering plants (which give fibers), ore, and essence. Occasionally, you may gather a rare resource for dying, alchemy, or etching.

In addition to any resources you gather, you also receive a buff. These buffs range from temporarily increasing your speed or gathering proficiency to restoring HP, MP, or even increasing your maximum stamina. Each buff can be stacked up to three times.

And, of course, your gathering proficiency increases when you gather.

Production Points

You’ll notice a bar depleting every time you gather. These are production points. Production points are shared between all your characters on the same server. Every gathering attempt reduces your production points by ten, and you normally gain five back every five minutes. Crafting also reduces your production points, but the amount depends on what you craft. If you ever feel the need to get production points back in a hurry, the Crafter’s Cure and Crafter’s Cure-All both restore a significant amount of production points and are available from merchants or from Valkyon Outfitters.

TERA alchemyWhat Is Crafting?

Crafting allows you to create anything from potions to bombs to weapons of the highest caliber. The materials used in crafting can be obtained through gathering and through drops in dungeons and the open world.

Types of Crafting

There are four crafting professions in TERA: alchemy, weaponcrafting, armorcrafting and etching. Of these four crafting professions, only etching requires you be level 60 to start. You can start honing your craft on the other three professions whenever you like, and you can raise any number of professions to level 500.

To craft Visionmaker, one of the best gear sets in TERA, you level weaponcrafting and armorcrafting to at least 400.


Using this skill, you can make consumable items like potions and scrolls that aid your characters or make them look great. In addition to ingots and fibers, alchemy uses its own specialized materials, refined from rare versions of gathered items.


You'll use weaponsmithing to make weapons for any of the TERA classes.

  • For physical damage classes (reaper, lancer, berserker, warrior, and slayer), weaponcrafting uses refined ingots from ores. Having mining as a gathering profession will be helpful for crafting these weapons.
  • For caster and ranged classes (priest, mystic, sorcerer, and archer), weaponcrafting uses refined energy-infused crystals from essences. Essence gathering is helpful for crafting these weapons.

TERA weaponcraftingArmorcrafting

You’ll use armorcrafting to make boots/gloves/chest pieces for cloth, leather, and metal armor.

  • For heavy armor classes (lancer and berserker), armorsmithing uses the same refined ore ingots as weaponsmithing. You’ll need to learn separate designs to level up your skills on ingots.
  • For leather armor classes (reaper, warrior, archer, and slayer), armorsmithing uses processed hides. Leather armors are the only armors not tied directly to gathering. Hides and leathers only drop from monsters you’ve killed.
  • For cloth armor classes (sorcerer, mystics, and priests), armorsmithing uses refined plant fibers to create armor. Gathering plants is helpful when crafting these armors.


Etching makes scrolls that give temporary or permanent stats to your gear. This is the only crafting profession that requires you be level 60. Etching requires scarabs collected from all 3 gathering professions. Scarabs are not easily gathered, so start saving them early.

  • Normal etching scrolls have a 3-day duration, but critical-crafting scrolls creates a permanent version and better stats than the 3-day version.

Start Raising Your Crafting Level

To start crafting, you’ll need some designs to show you what to do. In each of the main cities—Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator—you can find special crafting locations. They’re designated by this symbol:

Just head on over and buy some designs in your favorite profession to get started. Be sure to choose designs that are not greyed out, as they are out of your crafting range. Once you’ve purchased a design, simply right-click the design in your inventory to learn it. Now you can head on over to your crafting window [J] to take a closer look.

The UI will display how many of the item you can craft with the materials you have. it also shows how much crafting experience you’ll gain, as well as how many production points you’ll consume to craft each piece.

Crafting Specialization

The more you craft, the more crafting experience you’ll gain, and the higher your crafting level will climb. Each profession currently has a max level of 500; however, after you reach 500, you’ll have the opportunity to become an artisan in that crafting profession. Each character can choose to become an artisan in only one crafting profession. You can undo your choice, but your crafting level in that profession will return to 500, and all artisan-level recipes you learned will be lost.

TERA weaponcrafting TERA armorsmithing TERA armorsmithing TERA armorsmithing
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Tera Online - All classes - 15 Minutos de Vídeo
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Tera - All Classes
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TERA All classes Selection
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