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Tera Archer Glyph Guide and Skills Rotation

March 31, 2012 // by Wakefield

After I’ve explained all of TERA Archer abilities, let me show an archer’s role, as well as your typical DPS rotation. First, do not get in the habit of sticking to a single rotation, no matter what. Especially not in PvP. This game isn’t like other MMOs, you have to move and adapt to what is happening constantly. If aggros are spawning, or if a BAM is on you, or if, in PvP, you’re getting chained by TERA Warrior guide, you have to adjust what you’re doing to deal with it. However, it is still a good idea to have a framework set in your head about what will make you do maximum damage.

If you’ve read the archer glyphs at all, they tell a story on your own, but in case you can’t pick up on it, I’ll explain it now. First, you want to open with a Velik’s Mark. This ability can be glyphed to reduce the mana cost and cast time for poison arrow, so after you cast Velik’s Mark, you start off with poison arrow. You want to stack this poison arrow to three as quickly as possible, so that it is ticking for a lot of damage every two seconds. After you cast poison arrow, there’s a glyph for poison arrow that reduces the charge time of radiant arrow significantly, so cast radiant arrow next. This will make radiant arrow charge extremely fast, and it will chain into your salvo skill. Use salvo after radian arrow for two reasons: One, it will restore some much needed mana without breaking your chain, and two, salvo can be glyphed to reduce the charging time of penetrating arrow.

Thus, once you’ve finished casting salvo, you can quickly charge penetrating arrow and shooting it, giving you a nice combo of two powerful hits, a re-stack on your poison, and some mana regen. Typically, you just repeat this rotation as much as possible, re-stacking Velik’s Mark when needed. Poison arrow into radiant arrow into salvo into penetrating arrow, then repeat. In cases where you do go out of mana, just break the rotation and use rapid fire.

That’s all for archer abilities and glyphs. I hope you found this information useful. A lot of you are still deciding what you want to play when TERA comes out in North America. Tera archers may be weak in AoE, but their single target damage and ability to solo BAMs without taking any damage makes them a very good choice. However, if you would like to be AOE massive killer, find some TERA Sorcerer Guide and play the sorcerer instead.

If you would like to learn more further details about TERA Archer, please visit TERA Archer Leveling walkthrough.

TERA Archer Glyphs

Glyph of Accuracy – Focused Shot (3 glyph points)

Glyph of Courage – Penetrating Shot (5 glyph points)

Glyph of Time – Trap Cobweb (4 glyph points)

Glyph of Effort – Normal Shot (5 glyph points)

tera-archer-glyph-of-concentration Glyph of Concentration – Evasion Shot (4 glyph points)

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