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TERA Valsekyr Hunt, CastanicThe Valsekyr Hunt pays in reputation points and Valsekyr Hunt credits, which can be traded with Feisca and Karem in Kanstria for certain specialty items (see below). Their merchants favor the tanking classes, offering items that add to your balance, max HP, and aggro. Some items even improve your crafting speed!

Specialty Items:

  • Relentless zyrks (give you an HP boost)
  • Balancing zyrks (increase your balance)
  • Valsekyr setting (increases aggro)
  • Colorful hoods for your character
  • Cowl harness (works toward the panther mount)

Getting a Reputation with the Valsekyr Hunt

To attract the notice of the Valsekyr Hunt, you must demonstrate your abilities by performing quests in Kanstria that offer Valsekyr Hunt reputation points as part of the reward. You can acquire these quests beginning at level 59. When your reputation rises to “wavering” under the Hunt’s watchful eye, a hunter will send for you. Quest givers will display green exclamation points to announce your daily quests.

Pro tip: Valsekyr reputation is the only reputation you can earn through hunting creatures.

Certain mobs provide 25 reputation points and 1 reputation credit per kill. Certain BAMs provide 300 reputation points and 25 reputation credits per kill.

Valsekyr Hunt Reputation Levels
Suspicious 0–3, 000
Apprehensive 0–6, 000
Wavering 0–9, 000
Neutral 0–12, 000
Favorable 0–15, 000
Friendly 0–20, 000
Trusted 0–25, 000
Revered 0–1, 000

As you reach the cap for each reputation level, the counter resets to zero. You’re still gaining reputation, though. Don’t worry.

Valsekyr Hunt Quests

Daily quests begin in Kanstria or one of the outlying camps with a Valsekyr hunter, and they may take you anywhere in Val Kaeli. Targets for daily quests will display green exclamation points.

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
Valsekyr Hunting Horns 200 n/a This is your invitation to run with the Hunt.
Beat the Brush 800 Medium A selection of easy mobs within a short distance of Kanstria.
Varmint Hunting Easy mobs near the Casian tree northeast of Kanstria.
Gearstalker Mobs near the agnurok engine near the center of Argonea.
Argonian Safari High You get this quest at Shroud Outpost in Granarkus. Travel there via the Northeast Teleport Platform. While here, get the Bag the Limit quest and numerous non-Velsekyr quests that will gain you a little more reputation. Velsekyr questgiver Sunkuvil is also nearby.
Shifting Wind Sunkuvil in Helkir Grotto also gives the Wary Prey quest. A few non-Valsekyr quests offer a little reputation.
Wary Prey Lots of Valsekyr and related reputation quests in Granarkus.
Bag the Limit Mobs around the Dryuul Cyasma Gatherer. Sends you back to Derik at Shroud Outpost.
Back at the Lodge Not a reputation quest, but a reward for services rendered.

Who Are the Valsekyr Hunt, Anyway?

Bored to the point of insanity, a fellowship of seasoned hunters in the beleaguered town of Kanstria relieved the crushing monotony of their isolated lives by inventing increasingly dangerous missions. Before the coming of the argons, they guided travelers to the best big-game hunting in Northern Shara. Now they send willing volunteers out to challenge the toughest opponents the enemy can offer.

The Valsekyr Hunt’s mission is to pursue personal glory wherever argons are near. Preferring to retain their civilian status rather than ally themselves with the Valkyon military establishment, the Hunt keeps a grim score of kills while picking off the enemy one by one.

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