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Dark Tera
Tera online PvP Server - 100% Free, 24/7, Absolutely no Lag, Daily Events, High Rates 500+ gamers, Money Store, Just about all skill working, vote for cash.
Free items for new users, 9999x rates, professional team, no donation server, fully updated, retail content Just try it!
Tera Revenge
Revenge Tera Ideal P Server - completely new up to date clientele able to get, high speed game play, website up 24 /7, hardly any lag, rapidly reloading, Enjoy
Tera Online P Server
Tera Online - the very best internet sites list which is devoted inside revealing the most beneficial video gaming website inbound links. Tera Online private hosts - Tera Online related web-sites, top 100 Tera Online absolutely free hosts, guideline, forums
Tera Online Strategy Guide
An online site supplying up to par information regarding this Tera Online System direct published by game enthusiasts, intended for game enthusiasts. Is made up of info in the Tera Online Tactic tutorial.
Shock Tera
The particular remote computer is free. With regards to Russian federation. Experience with on the internet. The most crucial purpose is really a comfy game for end users.
GamezTera Private Server is an Mmorpg which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Rates are: Experience: 1x Gathering: 1x Drop: 1x Crafting: 1x Quest: 1x. This is not one of those cast the spell, sit back and relax MMOs. This can be a visually breathtaking game that's full of story and physically...
Mystic TERA
Mystic Tera Server - 500+ online gamers along with 10000 sign ups. Community forum and reward system. Cool Player vs player host with Mayhem from level Ten. New host command to report abuse, bugs and issues. Be ready for brand new PvE server through June! Ten Characters for each host. Join now the...
Revolution Tera
Greatest Tera Online Private Server - High Rates 5000x/5000x/5000x - No Lag - 99% Up Time - Absolutely no Bugs - All Components of shop, Totally free cupons - Join us today!
Gaia Tera Online
Gaia Tera Online fully working private server. Big community, proffessional server, online 24/7, lag free. Join the community today. Apply for GM today.
Audera Tera Online BR
Rates: -Exp: 8x -Drop: 8x -Money: 8x -Quest: 8x Itens inicias: - Padrão de cada classe - Montaria 240 Velocidade - 2 Acessorios Funcionalidades: - Teleport Global - Teleport Regiao - Skills - Mobs - Raid Boss - Boss - Inventario - Banco - Banco de guild - Guild - Trade - Party - Quests - GM Shop...
Is TERA Online PvP Awesome?
Is TERA Online PvP Awesome?
Tera Online Epic Massive GvG
Tera Online Epic Massive GvG
TERA Online - Level 60 Dungeon - Fane of Kaprima - Final Boss
TERA Online - Level 60 Dungeon - Fane of Kaprima - Final Boss
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