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For the better part of my 25 year career as an engineer I have only used Tera Term as my terminal emulator. With this latest version... You broke it.


It doesn't work anymore. Since this latest version and the addition of so-called OPENSSH 6.8

I consistently get "A communication error occurred while sending an SSH packet. The connection will close. (WSAAsyncSelect1:10093) "

But PuTty works, and Tera Term Pro work exactly as they always have.

Seriously dissapointing as I have used this terminal emulator longer than any other in my 25 professional years in IT.

I can't figure it out or waste anymore time on it. Had to uninstall and go with Tera Term Pro.

Maybe one day when this is sorted out i will think of using it again.


Tera Term Pro does not have all the bells and whistles but it is dependable.

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Reliable, convenient, allows creation of multiple connections to be reused in the future.

It does not allow color customization specific to a connection, at least I have not discovered how to do it.

ability to automatically creates logs with unique log names
ssh, standard telnet and serial port support
supports dec/digital/vt terminal standards

del function for dec vt (backspace/delete) needs setting up (not default)

if all you need is a vt emulation then this is far superior to the paid versions, and the automatic default logging is a clear bonus, but the file name setting can take a little getting used to. blows putty out of the water!

1000 times better than hyper terminal.

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